Xanitizer Experts

Our Xanitizer expert partners have a strong background in the domain of cyber security and support their customers implementing secure software systems. They take part in regular Xanitizer training courses to get the most benefit from the tool. With their knowledge in the domain of cyber security and their experience in using Xanitizer, we recommend them to all customers that need high-quality security reviews. The frequent feedback from our Xanitizer expert partners is one of the reasons for the continuous improvement of Xanitizer.





EXXETA AG (Germany) is a consulting and technology company focused on automotive, energy and financial services. The company provides their security knowledge and experience also to their customers by inspecting software systems with static and dynamic security analysis methods.

Further Partners

hello2morrow GmbH

hello2morrow GmbH with its offices in Germany, the United States and Colombia develops and sells the products Sonargraph and Sotoarc/Sotograph. These tools use static analysis technology to monitor software systems for technical quality and enforce rules regarding software architecture, metrics, and other aspects in all stages of the development process.

WPS – Workplace Solutions GmbH

The WPS Workplace Solutions GmbH from Hamburg, Germany, has long-time experience assessing the internal quality of software systems. The company provides services in the areas of software architecture, software quality, and reengieering.