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Let our coaches make your developers aware of security risks.

Xanitizer Coaching

Our coaches guide developers and security professionals on how to use the static application security testing tool Xanitizer efficiently. During the course the participants also learn how to integrate Xanitizer into their projects to automatically monitor their security enhancements.

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Let us adapt Xanitizer to your specific needs.

Xanitizer Adaptations

Xanitizer can be adapted to user specific needs. We can realize adaptations based on your requirements, e.g. design user specific reports, or we can enhance Xanitizer to support additional internal frameworks.

If you have any requirements regarding Xanitizer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Let our security experts review your application.

Xanitizer Reviews

Directly benefit from our experience and knowledge in the domain of Web application security. Our security experts review your application, using Xanitizer and other tools and techniques to check it for vulnerabilities. The result is a detailed report containing the vulnerabilities and guidance on how to improve the current security level of your application.

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