Licensing & Pricing

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Commercial License

In general you need a commercial license to use Xanitizer.

For some special user groups we also provide free-to-use licenses. Please check the different license types and their restrictions below.

Annual License

9,000.00 EUR annual

  • 1 PC or server
  • Unlimited applications
  • Unlimited lines of code
  • 1 year period of validity
    includes maintenance & support

Consulting License

If you are working as a security consultant, please contact us to get more information on our special consulting license conditions.


Educational License

Coaches & lecturers can use Xanitizer free of charge during their courses to improve the knowledge of developers and students how to implement secure applications.

Academic researchers of a university can use Xanitizer free of charge for any non-profit research project.

Please contact us and provide information about the intended use to request a free educational license.


Open Source Project License

Xanitizer can be used free of charge for open source projects.

Please contact us and provide information about your project to request a free open source project license.