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Xanitizer supports security professionals to check applications for security vulnerabilities.

For Security Professionals

Security professionals such as security specialists, security consultants, and code analysts examine third-party code or internal code to determine the current security level of the analyzed project and to increase this level.

Xanitizer enables security professionals to automate their work:

  • Reduce your reviewing efforts by automatically detecting vulnerabilities with excellent accuracy.
  • Follow each control flow path of the whole source code automatically, even in large projects.
  • Use Xanitizer's dashboard to get a first impression of the project security level and to identify the hot spots.
  • Check for violations of compliance requirements and industry standards, like OWASP.
  • Use unique visualizations to understand and to report the flow of tainted data from the entry point into the application through the system to the place where the vulnerability occurs.
  • Export the findings in a customizable security report for your external or internal customer.
Xanitizer supports developers to develop secure applications.

For Developers

Developers implementing applications are responsible for delivering business value as fast as possible. To create error free code, they use standard techniques like test driven design, automated unit tests, etc. But these techniques do not detect security vulnerabilities. This is where developers can benefit from using Xanitizer.

Xanitizer automatically finds vulnerabilities in your applications and in the used libraries and frameworks:

  • Xanitizer detects vulnerabilities with excellent accuracy, which reduces your reviewing efforts.
  • Fix any finding during the implementation phase by analyzing the application code and not the running application.
  • Automatically get notified when a new vulnerability for a used version of a framework or library is published in the National Vulnerability Database.
  • Use unique visualizations for a root cause analysis to follow the manipulated data from the entry point in the application through the system to the place where the data causes harm.
  • Directly jump to the source code location for each finding to fix it without searching for it.
  • Get solution proposals for detected vulnerabilities.
  • Integrate Xanitizer easily into your software development life cycle to automate the detection of vulnerabilities.
  • Use Xanitizer's dashboard or Xanitizer's plugins for different management tools to permanently monitor the security state of your application and your security enhancements.
Xanitizer supports executives to manage the security level of their applications.

For Executives

Web applications are accessible from the outside and therefore can be permanently attacked by hackers. They use tools which scan automatically for possibilities to successfully break into your IT infrastructure. As a result web applications have become one of the largest vectors for cyber attacks over the last years.

Successful hacks into your IT infrastructure can cause the loss of customer data, exclusive knowledge, and intellectual properties. If the hack becomes public, your reputation drops, customers leave your company, stakeholders consider lawsuits, and authorities investigate your company. In the end your company loses a lot of money.

Most companies have strongly secured their IT infrastructure with firewalls, VPNs, intrusion detection systems, and so one. These network security components are used to prevent unusual behavior during the operation phase. But with Xanitizer you can even prevent attacks that use common behavior by eliminating cyber attack vectors during the development phase.

Xanitizer minimizes your business risks and reduces time and money spent:

  • Xanitizer can be easily integrated into an early phase of your existing software development life cycle.
  • Xanitizer automatically finds vulnerabilities with excellent accuracy.
  • Meet your compliance requirements and industry standards, like OWASP.
  • Use customizable reports to manage and to report the activities of your security team.
  • Permanently monitor your security enhancements with Xanitizer's plugins for different management tools.
Xanitizer can be used by coaches and researchers.

For Coaches, Lecturers & Researchers

Following the vision of RIGS IT to improve the existing application security, the successful use of Xanitizer can only be a single step to develop secure applications. Current and future developers have to be taught in building secure applications and additional research in the domain of security is necessary.

Because of this, Xanitizer is available without any charge for teaching and researching:

  • Coaches can use Xanitizer in their security workshops to enable developers to analyze and implement secure applications.
  • Lecturers can use Xanitizer to teach students in the wide area of security.
  • Researchers can use Xanitizer to enhance the current knowledge in the domain of security.
  • Please contact us to get a free educational license.