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Xanitizer Key Facts

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Automatically detects
security vulnerabilities
in your web applications.

Examples of vulnerability types detected by Xanitizer.

Detects more than 50 different vulnerability types like SQL Injection, XSS, XEE, and Privacy Leaks.

Usable for any application written in Java or Scala and their common presentation frameworks like JSP or JSF.

Supports Windows and Linux.

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Xanitizer specializes in security analysis of web applications and also considers the behavior of the applied web frameworks. By means of static code analysis the tool systematically scans the program code of an entire system for security vulnerabilities. Xanitizer investigates not only the source code, but also configuration files and templates for rendering the HTML output.

Xanitizer is the essential tool for security auditors of web applications. Xanitizer can also be incorporated into the build process, automatically and regularly performing its analysis tasks, reporting detected security issues and monitoring your security enhancements.

Why Xanitizer

Integrate Xanitizer into your SDLC to detect your security problems even before the application is runnable.

Early Detection

Integrate Xanitizer already into the implementation phase of your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to detect security vulnerabilities even before the application is runnable.

Xanitizer finds security vulnerabilities with excellent accuracy.

Excellent Accuracy

As a Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Tool, Xanitizer finds security vulnerabilities with excellent accuracy to reduce your security risks and reduces false alarms to minimize your reviewing efforts.

Easily understand the root cause for each detected security vulnerability.

Clear Results

With Xanitizer's unique visualizations you can easily understand the root cause of a detected security vulnerability and drill down to its exact code location.

Xanitizer Impressions

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